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The WithIN of Fall

September 25, 2015

Do what you can
with what you have
where you are.
-Teddy Roosevelt



Yeah, good thought, Mr. Roosevelt.  But…I’ve done what I can today, with what little I had, and now I am at home…I am racing mentally, and I NEED TO POWER DOWN…but can’t. So what do I do with this restlessness or anxiety I have at home where I am, dammit?!

OOOh, Alba Student…a little Anger overlay, mayhap?

As you know, One needs to develop One’s own unique structures for working with our individual body/mind challenges.  So let us think about the WithIN of You and theWithOUT of You. Sometimes we need pick-me-ups, sometimes we need help with slow-me-downs.

Here is a choice among 3 tisanes (herbal “teas” or infusions) that I find are calming to the central nervous system with no negative effects at all.


  1. The French serve Vervein after dinner. I first tasted it at a dinner party in a Parisian home and was hooked: it smells gently like Lemon Verbena (because it is). The leaves are infused in boiling H2O.

  2. Spanish cultures recommend Tila (Tilleuil in French). The Linden Flower (English call it “Lime Blossom”, but it has nothing to do with citrus) is slightly soporific.

  3. And then there is Chamomile.  The dried flowers soothe an upset stomach, as well as an “upset” emotional mind.


If you feel a cold coming on with the change of season, add some local honey, or splurge on the rare monofloral “Manuka” honey from New Zealand. But the above 3 teas taste lovely without any sweetening.

Look for subtle results. Use singly, not together or in ‘proprietary blends.’

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