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Having "It"

March 24, 2017

How often have you gone to an audition wondering if you could really do what was needed to get the part? How often have you tried to guess at what a casting director might want to see from you? It's certainly possible to shape yourself into what you think they want to see. But this creates a BIG problem:


It cuts you off completely from what makes you uniquely compelling.


When I first started teaching Alba Technique, I wondered if having deeper access to the emotions could give actors that ever elusive "IT." The thing for which directors and casting people are constantly on the lookout. An actor who has "IT" compels us to keep watching. 


It is my firm belief that by getting to know oneself on a deeper level, through the lens of specific emotions, one can approach every job and audition knowing full well that you do, in fact, have "IT." Not only will you be able to hit a mark and cry on cue, but you'll have access to a deeper, universal truth that will floor anyone watching. You'll come across as someone really living in the story, not just another actor who has done his or her homework. 


At every moment in the actor's life, he is called to use his full self: BODY, MIND, and SOUL. Those actors who have "IT" move from every part of themselves with emotional truth. To embark on the journey towards these discoveries is the most important work an actor can do. Simply by reading this, you're already on your way. 


What does "IT" mean to you? 


Join the work of Alba Technique and know yourself deeper. Obtain your "it."












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